Manchester's Wine Jukebox at Bakerie

Many moons ago, I was graciously invited to try out Manchester's first ever Wine Jukebox situated at the sophisticated Bakerie Bar in the Northern Quarter. 

Although I'm normally more of a cocktail girl, I've become partial to a glass of wine when out for food and thought this event would be the perfect opportunity to broaden my wine knowledge and try out some new varieties. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the lovely Keeley & Eric and a large glass of Prosecco - what more could a girl ask for! They briefly explained the concept of the wine jukebox which sounded perfect for me. 
It allows you to buy a wide variety of wine by the glass (16 bottles to choose from) so you can sample different grapes throughout the night and don't have to commit to a whole bottle, which can be rather expensive otherwise. 
The jukebox itself is kept pumped full of nitrogen to help the wine stay fresh as well as being climate controlled and couldn't be simpler to use. You merely pay at the bar for a card which you can keep and top up as and when you need to. 
The best thing about the jukebox is that you can double your credit on Wednesday's - pay £10 onto your card and you get £20 to spend whenever you want! 

As well as getting to try out this fantastic invention, we also got to sample a few of the infamous Bakerie Boards. These come in four different options - Vegan, Cheese, Meat & Seafood. Each board has six dishes of which you get to choose three to munch on. My personal faves were the Mushrooms from the Vegan board and the Chorizo which was cooked to absolute perfection. 

The owners, Dale & Eric, were super knowledgeable and didn't mind answering our questions continually through the night. I love that they cater to all needs and it's a wonderful place I'll definitely revisit now I'm back to full health.