Filming With Holland & Barrett

Back in December, Prunella and myself had the wonderful pleasure of attending a pet event hosted by Holland & Barrett. Although I was very ill at the time I decided to brave going out as it's not everyday I get to attend an event with my puppy. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by several other dogs & their owners as well as the hosts of the event. Prunella had so much fun playing with all the other dogs and running around like crazy in the studio.

Once we'd settled in and introduced ourselves, we started to film with all the other dogs. This was rather hectic but lots of fun and definitely wore the dogs out a bit before our individual interviews later on. We were filming a promotional video to showcase some of the products from Holland & Barrett's pet range. Prune definitely wasn't complaining about all the free treats she received throughout the day!

When it came to sitting down for our individual interviews, I was very nervous as I've never done anything like it before. After watching my video back, I can definitely say I prefer being behind the camera but it has helped me get over my fear a little bit. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be brave enough to start a Youtube channel!

At the end of the day, we were gifted a very generous goody bag including some of the items from Holland & Barrett's new pet range including the dog biscuits from the shoot. The Yarrah Vegan Dog Biscuits are a firm favourite of Prunella's although they are rather on the large side so I tend to give her them sparingly. She also loved the knotted bones and the monkey toy but my personal favourite was the Scruffy Chops Zest In Show Shampoo and Muddy Marvellous Conditioner. I never used conditioner on my dogs before but it makes a huge difference to their coats and the Scruffy Chops range in completely organic which is always a bonus for me.

This was such a fun day out for me and Prunella and we met some lovely people as well. I just wish I could take her to all my blog events.

This post was in collaboration with Holland & Barrett. Click here to see their full range of pet products on offer. As always, all views are my own.

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