Autumn Beauty Favourites

autumn beauty favourites

autumn beauty favourites

With the crisp winter mornings and cosy nights by the fire in full swing, this of course means my Autumn beauty favourites are due and I have quite a few new discoveries from the past few months. This is mainly due to a massive splurge on makeup whilst on holiday in November where I bought enough new products to last me a whole year but that by no means stopped me from getting some new makeup bits for Christmas as well. Whoops!

First on my list of things to pick up in Florida was the much raved about BeautyBlender as after trying the cheaper alternative by Real Techniques, I wanted to see how the original compared. At first I wondered what all the fuss was about as it is essentially just a sponge for applying makeup but it's honestly made such a difference to the finish of my foundation. It blends in my makeup seamlessly and really does give a flawless finish. If you are looking for a cheaper option then the Real Techniques sponge is a worthy competitor but for me, personally, I think this has the edge as it cleans better and doesn't fall apart as easily. One major tip though - rather than wetting under a tap or using dry, dampen it slightly using a spray before application.

Another Florida find was my favourite new highlighter, the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop. This pressed powder has a peachy, gold hue that brings life and a beautiful glow to my face. It's highly pigmented so a little goes a long way although I tend to just pile it on anyway and walk around looking like a shimmering disco ball. I love a good highlighter, okay?

That being said, my next favourite is another highlighter. Yep, that's right. Sometimes one just isn't enough glow for me so I like to layer Champagne Pop with the Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polished underneath. This cream highlighter leaves a lovely dewy sheen on the cheekbones that is perfect for an everyday, more subtle glow. It's a cool toned, white champagne shade that works well with pale skin and at only £9 for a tub that'll last you a lifetime, it's a bit of a steal as well.

Another bargain product I recently discovered is the L'Oreal Infallible Primer. As someone with an oily complexion, this primer has worked wonders in keeping my makeup in place for longer. It's gel consistency smooths out my imperfections and leaves my skin feeling super smooth, making my foundation glide on like a dream. It reminds me of the Smashbox Primer except it's a third of the price so if you like that, you should definitely pick this one up to try out.

Something else that has been great for my oily skin is the NYX HD Finishing Powder in Banana. The product is very finely milled and silky meaning it doesn't cake up as easily as most other powders I've tried and the yellow hue helps to combat any redness in my face. I also own the Translucent shade though and this works just as well for those who prefer their powders colourless.

Originally when I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Fair Neutral, I was kicking myself as the shade was too light to use for covering blemishes but as it's on the pricier side of concealers I decided to give it a whirl under my eyes instead. The formula of this is amazing, full coverage but still lightweight on the skin. It works so well at brightening and hiding my dark circles and I've honestly been itching to buy this in a shade darker so I can use it all over my face. When I get my next pay check, I may well have to treat myself.

What products have you guys been loving recently? Any winter skin saviours?


2015 In Review

It's that time of the year again when people start talking about fresh starts, goals and resolutions but before I join in, I thought it might be interesting to go over the post I wrote last year on my goals for 2015 and see how many I achieved. 

I feel like I say this every year but this year has been one of the hardest of my life and if I had to describe it in one word - painful. However with that being said, I did still manage to tick off the majority of the things on my list. Excluding the goals relevant to my now ex-boyfriend (for obvious reasons), the only other things I didn't achieve were volunteering and a nose job. Out of 15 goals, I don't think I did too badly in all honesty. 

Rather than going through everything individually, I thought it would be more fun to list 10 things I loved in 2015.

  1. Getting a puppy - Of course this had to be the highlight of my year and probably of my life as well.
  2. Attending blog events - I said I wanted to say yes more and I did! I've had some amazing opportunities through my little space on the internet.
  3. Meeting other bloggers - This leads on from my last point as I've met some amazing people through my blog. It's great having such a supportive network and being around people who understand a blogger's life.
  4. Visiting Florida - I had the most magical time on my holiday and I'm gutted I won't be returning in the future but I'm looking forward to exploring new territories. 
  5. Joining the gym - After a month of being ill, I'm not in the best physical shape right now but I have managed to keep up my workout routine for the majority of the year and can't wait to get back to the gym next week. 
  6. Making new friends - I've really gone out of my comfort zone this year but it's resulted in me meeting a lot of new people and making a bunch of new friends. 
  7. Removing negativity - Something I've found just as important as making new friends is ending harmful relationships and removing negativity from my life. Positive people only, please!
  8. Seeing my friends more - As well as making new friends, I've tried really hard to keep in touch with all my old friends and I think I've done pretty well. I moved in with two of my best friends in Manchester and saw some friends from school this Christmas that I hadn't seen in several years! 
  9. Being single - It has it's downfalls but the majority of the time I bloody love being single. So much so that I dedicated an entire blog post to the topic - The Single Life.
  10. Quitting my job - At the start of the year I decided to quit my job and it's probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. Working from home definitely has its perks - mainly that I get to spend so much time with my little doggy! 
After writing this list, I guess this year hasn't been all bad. I'll be glad to see the back of it though and can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me. Hopefully lots of nice things...
Wishing you all a Happy New Year as well!