Hello. It's Me.

Hello there, it's been a while. Over a month has passed since my last post and whilst I've been wanting to update you guys for a while, it's only now at 3am that I've actually felt like writing something down.

First up, I went on holiday. For the majority of November I was in a different continent and although I had originally planned to schedule blog posts to go up whilst I was away, life got the better of me and that didn't end up happening. I also considered blogging whilst out in The States but I really just wanted to take some time off and try relax (although that didn't actually happen, haha).

So now I've been back for over a week and still haven't felt like blogging until now. It wasn't until I read Lucy's post that I realised how much I could relate and how I guess, I've fallen out of love with blogging. I've never been one to post to a strict schedule but I've always been an avid reader of other people's blogs and felt very much in the community until a few months ago.

I suppose it probably didn't help that my depression worsened significantly and I didn't have any interest in anything, let alone blogging, but I just stopped going on Bloglovin' and Blogger and even lessened the amount I was posting on Instagram and Twitter. Seeing other bloggers posting quality content that once upon a time would've inspired me, left me feeling inadequate and wanting to hide away forever.

One of the golden rules, in not only blogging but life as a whole, is to never compare yourself to others and I think this has been one of the main reasons for my lack of posting. I get an amazing idea and take photos but then it comes to editing and writing it up and I would just think - what is the point? There are bigger and better bloggers out there writing better content but so what?
Yes, it's true that I don't have a massive audience but if I feel passionate about a subject or find an amazing product I want to share, why shouldn't I? Just because it won't reach as many people doesn't mean it's any less worthy of being written. And that's what I need to remember when I'm feeling disheartened.
So basically, in a nutshell, I need to stop sweating the small stuff and just blog for myself and that is what I plan on doing.
I know this post is very incoherent but I just needed to lay it all out on the table before I resume my regular posts. Thanks for sticking with me through this. Have you guys ever been through a blogging slump? Any advice is much appreciated!