The Hydrating Face Mask You NEED To Try

For as long as I remember the only type of face mask I've ever seen, bought and used has been the liquid type either in a sachet or tub so when I saw sheet masks making their way into the Western beauty world I was itching to pick one up.
Although they're still not the easiest to get hold of, I managed to find this Deep Hydrating Facial Mask in Urban Outfitters. At £4 for a single use, it's certainly not the cheapest mask I've ever bought but as a once in a while treat, I'd say it's worth it.

If you haven't given a sheet mask a try before, it's literally a cellulose mask that is applied to the face as one sheet with a somewhat slimy consistency. It's drenched in skin loving ingredients, in this case aloe vera, trehalose & hyaluronic acid, to help moisturise & hydrate the skin.

Once applied it should be left for 20 minutes so longer than most masks I've used before and after a while it does start to feel a bit tingly. After the 20 minutes is up, you simply remove the mask and massage any of the left over product into the skin.

Afterwards my skin felt refreshed, plump & incredibly soft and it brought my usually dull complexion to life. Normally my skin is very rough, so for it to feel soft to the touch is no easy feat and the softness lasted for a good few days. The Skin Lounge recommend using this 2-3 times a week which in an ideal world I definitely would but sadly, my bank balance can't take that kind of spending.
If you're having a pamper night and want to make it special or just want a luxurious product to try, hands down you should try this. You can thank me later.


  1. I love face masks! I have tried sheet ones in the past but I think I prefer the liquid ones although this sounds pretty good :)
    Alex ox

  2. I never really use face masks but I bet they'd make such a difference, may have to pick this up next time I'm in UO!
    www.beckieione.com :)