Things Only Beauty Bloggers Understand

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After blogging for a whole year (I can't quite believe how quick it's gone), I've realised there are certain aspects to it that my friends and family in real life just don't understand, especially when it comes to the beauty side of things.
I'll often get looks of horror when people ask me how much I spent on a beauty product or a look of bemusement when they see how many lipsticks I own in the same nude shade. I thought it'd be fun to jot down some of the things I've picked up on as only being acceptable in the blogging world and I hope some of you fellow beauty junkies out there agree with me!

  • Having a ridiculous amount of makeup but forever feeling like you need more.
  • Constantly justifying buying new products because you can use them as blog content.
  • Owning 10 blushers that look exactly the same (but are obviously totally different when applied...)
  • Always referring to products as holy grail items.
  • Being able to list all of Mac's current collections from memory (Wash & Dry, anyone?)
  • Referring to beauty bloggers as if they're your close friends. I mean they totally are. I have Essiebutton on snapchat so we're basically BFFs.
  • Trusting other beauty bloggers opinions more than your best friends (only when it comes to beauty though!!)
  • Having your ears prick up every time someone mentions the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Yes, I have all five and yes, I need all five. Don't judge me.
  • Getting really giddy when one of your friends asks you a beauty question like you actually know what you're doing. I don't, just for the record.
  • Having at least 10 #'s on all your Instagram photos. It's good exposure OKAY.
  • The pain of always having Collection concealer and S&G Archery out of stock in your local Boots.
  • But then the joy you feel when you actually find one in your shade of a product that's always out of stock. Happy days!
  • Immediately looking for an asterisk when reading a review. I know all opinions are still your own but I have to know, okay?!
  • Reading countless reviews of the same product before taking the plunge and buying it, especially if it's high end.
  • Rushing to buy new beauty releases and getting sad when they're already sold out. I didn't leave my dog home alone to come out empty handed.
  • Having product knowledge that rivals the staff at your favourite brands.
  • Having shop assistants try to recommend you a product to which you always reply 'I already have it'. Literally every time I browse the Benefit counter, whoops!
  • Reading reviews of products you already own... There really is no way to justify this. I just like reading posts about beauty.
  • Getting super excited every time Boots have a triple points event or a 3 for 2 offer on. Basically love any excuse to go crazy in there.
  • Wanting to buy pretty knick knacks and fresh flowers simply so you can have cute props in your blog photos. It's a legitimate reason, don't question it.
  • Thinking £25 is a perfectly normal price for a blush but having to have a serious think before you spend that on a top. Unless you're a fashion blogger of course!
  • Day dreaming of having a pipdig layout. Serious blog goals.
  • Or having a pipdig layout and feeling really smug about it. Or at least that's what I imagine you'd feel. I wouldn't know *sobbing*
  • Thinking about how much your makeup collection is actually worth and feeling a little bit ill at the thought of how much money you've spent on Essie nail polishes. Totally worth it though. Who needs to eat when you have pretty nails?
  • Having up to 10 lip products in your bag at any one time.
  • Always turning to makeup when you need a pick me up or want to treat yourself. It's a known fact that sales of lipsticks go up when the economy isn't doing well!
  • Worrying that someone's going to steal your makeup. Not your laptop or your phone or your purse. Just your makeup.
  • Laughing whenever anyone asks 'don't you have enough makeup?' NEVER. Never is the answer.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and that a few were familiar to you. Please tell me I'm not alone! Any situations where you've felt like it's something only a beauty addict would understand? Let me know in the comments, I'm sure I'll have missed some out. And remember, we're all in this addiction together! Stay strong. Peace, love & lipstick.


  1. Love this post! ☺ I can definitely relate to all the above lol especially having over 500+ nail polishes in my collection but I still say its never enough and want the latest Barry m polishes! ☺

    1. Glad it's not just me! Haha I know the feeling well although I'm obsessed with Essie at the moment. Trying to resist haha
      Cat xo

  2. Very Good :) i can also relate to you, but my passion is the best cruelty free skincare ...and believe me i has tried most of them :)

    1. Ah well at least you know what the good ones are now :) although sounds like you learnt the hard way haha xo

  3. Haha, this post is so true! Especially 'Having up to 10 lip products in your bag at any one time' as I'm terrible for that one! Also I think a lot of beauty addicts like myself might go into Boots/Superdrug intending to get an essential like toothpaste and come out with like £30 worth of makeup! xx

    Sabrina Jaine

    1. Yes! That's a good one actually, I always go in for my regular face wash and then see skincare is on 3 for 2 and get sucked in haha. And the lip products was actually what inspired me to make this post as my friend pointed out how many I had in my bag recently! xo