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For the most part, I tend to research the beauty products I buy pretty well either by reading blog reviews or watching Youtube videos so it's quite rare when I don't get on with a product but nevertheless it still happens. I actually find these types of posts help me decide whether to purchase something more than a good review does so I thought I'd share a few products that have fallen short for me in the hopes that it helps some of you guys.

'Hand Food' Hand Cream £5.50 - Soap & Glory
In my old job, I used to get really dry hands so much so that they would crack and bleed. Realising that my Morrisons own brand moisturiser probably wasn't cutting it, I decided to invest in this hand cream as it seemed to be a bloggers favourite. This product claims to be hydrating and non-greasy but I found neither of these to be true. It didn't help my hands whatsoever and after I'd rubbed it in I could still feel it on my skin. I also found the scent incredibly sickly and overpowering. This may look prettier on your dressing table but if you actually have dry, chapped hands I'd definitely recommend E45 if you actually want them to heal. Plus it's cheaper too, bonus!

Roller Lash Mascara £19.50 - Benefit
After all the hype over this product, I had pretty high expectations and it really didn't live up to them. Although it's not the worst mascara ever, it certainly isn't the best either. I don't find it curls my lashes as well as my eyelash curler and that's supposed to be the main feature of this mascara. I also found the formula clumps quite easily and it starts to flake off after a few hours and black flecks settle underneath my eyes. Not a good look. When I use it with my eyelash curler it's not too bad but I don't think it's worth almost £20, I'll definitely be sticking to Badgal Lash and They're Real in future if I'm feeling a mascara splurge.

All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray £21 - Urban Decay
As I have an oily complexion, my makeup never seems to last all day and if I re apply powder it can look a bit cakey so after hearing Anna rave about this in a video I decided to try it out. At £21 it doesn't come cheap but I'd heard a few other bloggers mention this so thought I'd risk it. Man, I wish I'd bought the travel size to try out first. This spray claims to stop makeup from fading, settling into fine lines and melting off for up to 16 hours and I don't find it does any of these things. When I spritz it on, it feels like water and it seems to work just the same as water would too... I noticed they do a spray specifically for oil control so maybe I'd have been better off going for that one however it says it's for all skin types and oil free so I still feel like it should've done something for the price.

Porefessional Primer £24.50 - Benefit
Normally I absolutely love any Benefit product I try so I've surprised myself by having two in this post but the brand still remains one of my favourites regardless. This primer is constantly praised online so when I was in New York I picked one up to try for myself. I've tried this many times since buying it and it does make my skin feel silky smooth after applying it but I don't feel it does anything to my overall look. It doesn't minimise my pores or smooth out my wrinkles. It doesn't give my makeup a flawless look like many others have claimed or help my makeup stay in place longer. The only thing it really does is make my skin smoother so my foundation applies a bit easier but for the price and the way everyone hypes it up I thought it would do a lot more. I'm just glad I didn't buy this in the UK because £25 is a lot of money to waste.

Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer £5 - Zoella Beauty
Being a follower/subscriber of Zoe for a long time, I was super excited when she brought out this beauty range and couldn't wait to pick up some of the items. This bath fizzer was a bit of a let down though. It says to drop 1-2 cubes in for a 'fragrantly fizzy bath' but the cubes dissolved and left nothing behind, I thought they'd leave some scent or maybe a few bubbles but no, nothing. I didn't give up though and added two more cubes but still my bath was lacking the Zoella scent. I recently purchased her Soak Opera bath soak though and I'm hoping I have more luck with that. Otherwise, I'll be sticking to Lush in future.

(Pugsly wasn't a fan of these products either)

If you were considering buying these products, I hope I've given you a little insight into my thoughts on them and helped you decide if they're right for you. Do you guys find these types of blog posts helpful?

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