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As you may have noticed, I've been rather absent on the blog recently and I saw this tag on Sophie's blog Belle Chaton and thought it'd be a fun post to come back to. I was born in 1993 so although I missed the first few years, I still saw the majority of it and definitely identify as a 90's kid. As you can see from the photos above, I was a chubby little thing! Also I apologise to my sister for putting these photos of her on the internet, haha. Now let's get on to the questions...

1. Favourite Disney Film?
If we're talking about the Classics then I'd have to say Hercules but out of all the Disney films it would definitely be The Parent Trap. I went through a phase of watching The Parent Trap every day after school and to this day, I still know every single line from memory. My sister and I regularly quote it to each other although we do that with many Disney films. Out of the animated films, Hercules was definitely my favourite growing up as it's got such an amazing soundtrack. Plus I love Meg's sassiness (see below) and I personally think it's one of the funniest Disney films out there.

2. Favourite Music Artist?
I loved all the classic 90's pop bands but S Club 7 were probably my favourite. I knew all the words to their songs and loved their TV programme. Plus they star in my favourite Christmas film, The Greatest Store In The World. My favourite member was always Hannah! Honourable mention goes to Steps as I absolutely loved them as well, they were the first band I ever saw live.

3. Favourite TV Show?
I only had the five channels growing up so couldn't watch Disney Channel or Nickelodeon but I was still a total TV addict. I loved Two of a Kind, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Arthur, The Queens Nose, The Worst Witch, Belfry Witches, ZZZap and so many more! I also had a thing for shows like Smart, Art Attack and Fingertips although I never actually made anything from them... I was a weird child.

4. Favourite Candy/Sweets?
I have a massive sweet tooth so this question is a tricky one. I loved Jelly Tots and used to always tip the sugar at the bottom of the packet into my mouth and I also loved Fruit Salad chews. My mother was quite strict growing up so to satisfy my sweet cravings I'd take a spoon and sneak some Golden Syrup from the baking cupboard. I would've happily eaten pure sugar constantly! Desserts were always my favourite part of a meal.

5. Favourite Game?
I absolutely loved Guess Who and Frustration. Over Christmas, my sister and I were feeling nostalgic so actually whipped them both out to play. It was so much fun! My favourite person was always Maria but she was so easy to guess because she had a hat on. Sad times...

6. Favourite McDonald's Toy?
It was very rare that we'd ever be allowed to go to McDonald's, in fact I'm pretty sure the only time we ever went was when we were travelling down south to the Eurotunnel to go on holiday. One toy that does stick out in my memory though was a beanie baby I got and I'm pretty sure it's still kicking around at my parents house now.

7. Favourite Book?
As I was still pretty young in the 90's, I don't think I was reading proper books until the 00's really so
I'd have to say my favourite books were Miffy! I loved them so much I made my mum send off for a free poster with a token in the back of the books.

8. Favourite Clothing Store?
My family is slightly obsessed with Disney so the majority of our clothes had Disney characters on them. Being the youngest of three girls, it was very rare that I'd get clothes that weren't hand me downs really so I don't think I had a favourite store growing up.

9. What would you watch when you got home from school?
I've already answered this with my favourite TV shows really but a lot of the shows I watched after school were actually early 00's shows. I loved The Ghost Hunter, Jeopardy, Fingertips and so many more!

10. Favourite Toys?
I was a total Barbie girl through and through. Everyone always loved coming to my house to play cos I must've had about 50 Barbie's and Ken's. I had a Barbie Dream House with a working lift (it took ten minutes to go from one floor to the other) and I had an amazing turquoise and pink convertible car. I miss playing with my Barbie's - a simpler time!

11. Weirdest Fashion Trend?
90's fashion in general was pretty weird but I guess I'd have to agree with Sophie's answer and say the hair. Crimped hair was not a good look! I remember being really jealous when my sister got some hair mascara for her birthday one time *sob*.

12. 'Nsync or Backstreet Boys?
I think this is more for Americans as I definitely preferred 5ive to either of these bands! I loved watching them recently on The Big Reunion. It was so interesting to hear what happened behind closed doors.

13. Favourite Collectible?
I loved collecting stickers when I was younger if that counts? I had a sticker scrapbook and everything. Pro stickerer.

14. Favourite Beanie Baby?
I only ever had a few but I remember getting Halo the Angel for my birthday and it was by far the best present I got that year.

15. How Many Tamagotchi's Did You Go Through?
I never had one! My mum wouldn't let us have anything that she thought was a fad. So deprived...

16. Favourite Game System and Game?
Again, we were never allowed PlayStation's or Game Boy's growing up but I did love PC games. I had all the expansion packs for The Sims and used to go on it every night. I also loved a game called Adiboo which came with our first ever computer. Ah sweet nostalgia!

I hope this has been fun to read and reminded you how brilliant the 90's were. My sister and I have had a laugh remembering all our childhood loves! Anything major you guys think I missed out? It was so hard picking TV shows!

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