Meet Percy & Prunella

After naming my blog 'Percy and Prunella' over six months ago, I can finally show you a face to the name as they are now both in my life. As of last week, I am now the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl Pug, Prunella. Although I've had Percy for two years now, I've never actually written a blog post about him so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them both together.

Sadly I don't currently live with Percy as he resides with my sister in Leeds but they both came to visit Prunella and I to help me get used to motherhood this week. It was definitely not love at first sight between the two of them but they are slowly getting used to each other and as I type they are cuddled right up next to each other on the settee.
In some ways, they are almost identical and in others completely different. When we first brought Percy home he was very timid and whined all night but Prunella has been super confident right from the word go. She loves to kiss and cuddle whereas Percy is more sparing with his affection and likes his space. They do however both share a greedy gene and when there is food about they will not stop until they get it.

As Percy was the only dog I've ever owned previously, I didn't know if it was possible to love another as much as him but they both have such unique personalities that it definitely feels like an addition to the family and not a replacement of any kind. I now have twice as much love to give!

I'm so happy our family has grown and I can't wait to watch these little guys grow up together. Of course I'll be keeping you updated on here and may even write some advice posts on puppies, in particular Pug puppies, if that's something you'd be interested in? Do any of you guys have dogs yourself?

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