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Ever since the Kardashian sisters popularised the contoured look a few years ago, I've been on the search for the perfect contouring products. Having a very pale complexion has made this a bit of a nightmare as products always seem to be too dark or too orange based for my skin tone which results in me looking like I have two orange stripes on my cheeks.
However, after trying many, many products, I think I've finally found the perfect combination to give my face that subtle definition I've been after.

I actually purchased this Multiple stick on a bit of a whim in the Lookfantastic January Sale for only £18. I'd heard generally good things about the Nars Multiple's but I'd never seen the contouring shades before so it was a bit of a gamble. I'd been looking for an alternative to a bronzing powder and this seemed less daunting than a liquid option so I took the plunge.
It's a creamy consistency which you can apply directly to the face and blend out or if you're after a super subtle look you can use a brush to pick up some of the product and apply to the face that way. My favourite brush for this is the 110 - Face Shape from Zoeva which I blogged about here. It's the perfect size for getting into the hollows of the cheeks and it blends out evenly. 
It may look a bit scary when you have two brown stripes on your cheeks, nose and dots on your forehead but stick with it and once blended out it leaves a really natural looking shadow on your cheeks. It's so easy to use, if I can do it so can you!

It will probably come as no surprise to you that I'm mentioning this product as it's a cult classic among beauty lovers. As you'll have seen this product discussed millions of times before I won't bore you with the details but let's just say it's lived up to it's reputation. I'd been telling myself for years I didn't really need this due to the price but my Grandma actually gave me this for Christmas. A total shock after 20 years of her religiously getting me pyjamas and socks but hey, I'm not complaining!
As someone with a ghostly skin tone, I find it so hard to find shades that don't look ridiculous on me. They always look like I've coated my face in mud no matter how lightly I apply them but this powder is another story. Gone are the days of tiger stripes, I've now entered a new era of contouring. I usually apply this over the Multiple stick for a long lasting look as it sets the cream in place and adds a bit more depth and colour. If I'm in a rush though, I'll skip the cream contour and just go in with a swoosh of this instead. Swoosh being the official terminology, of course...

And here's the finished look. The camera didn't really capture it too well but trust me, it gives a wonderful definition to the face that can be built up as much as you like. Also bad blogger for looking at myself in the view finder instead of into the lens. My bad!
Have you tried either of these products? Are you guys into contouring? I'm currently lusting after the ABH Contour Kit but can't justify spending that much! Beauty addict problems, amiright?