Beauty Review | Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set

For my 21st birthday, I kindly received this brush set that I (and most other beauty bloggers out there) had been lusting after for months. It's a set of eight brushes, including five for the face and three for the eyes. The brushes are as follows:
102 - Silk Finish
106 - Powder
110 - Face Shape
127 - Luxe Sheer Cheek
142 - Concealer Buffer
227 - Luxe Soft Definer
231 - Petit Crease
317 - Wing Liner

Now let me start by saying how beautiful these brushes are! The rose gold finish really gives them a luxurious look but if you work it out these brushes come in at only £6.25 per brush. That's cheaper than most Real Techniques and far cheaper than any Mac brushes. They are all such good quality and feel so soft on the skin. The only one I'd say feels a little rough is the Luxe Soft Definer but let face it, compared to the Mac 217 a baby's bottom would feel rough!

Normally when buying brushes in sets I'm a bit sceptical as to whether I'm going to use them all and get my money's worth from buying in bulk but I've actually surprised myself with how handy all these brushes are. 
The Powder, Face Shape, Luxe Sheer Cheek and Concealer Buffer brushes have all made it into my everyday makeup routine. The Powder brush is perfect for applying blush as it's silky smooth and gives a nice, even sweep of colour. The Face Shape I use for my cream contouring and Luxe Sheer Cheek for my powder contouring as it's a perfect angled brush for getting right into my cheekbones. Before having this set, I used to blend my concealer with my fingers but after using the Concealer Buffer I'm never going back to fingers again. It gives such a flawless finish, plus it's less messy which is always great for a hygiene freak like me!
Although I still use my RT Expert Face Brush as my first choice for a foundation brush the Silk Finish brush still gets regular use when the former one gets dirty and is wonderful at blending and gives a flawless finish, even on my skin. 

As for the eye brushes, I wasn't completely in awe of them but I am definitely more of a base girl than an eye one. They are still really good though, don't get me wrong! The Petit Crease is great for getting colour into the crease (who'd have guessed?!) and the Luxe Soft Definer is a great blender and still gets use when my Mac 217's are both dirty or if I want a cleaner brush to blend out with. I rarely wear eyeliner but when I'm doing a full face I do like to put eyeshadow along my lash line and the Wing Liner brush has been amazing for that. It's just the right size to get right into the corner of the eye and makes a perfect flick easy enough for even me to do.

All in all, I'd say this Zoeva brush set is definitely worth the hype (and the money) and would definitely recommend getting it if you're wanting some good quality brushes to build up your collection. The range of brushes is really good and they are all definitely essentials. You could easily create a full look with just these eight brushes so would even be a good investment for a beginner to makeup as well. If the thought of shelling out £50 on brushes in one go makes you shudder slightly, I would definitely say that the 127 - Luxe Sheer Cheek is the stand out brush from this set and is worth getting on it's own. 

Do you guys think brushes are a good investment? Or would you rather spend the money on makeup? Let me know!

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