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Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since my last blog post. In between my camera playing up, ill health and spending Christmas back at my parents, I haven't been able to put much together but everything is sorted now so hopefully I can get back to my regular posting! Anyway, on with the post...

A while back, the lovely people at Tmart asked me if I'd like to review one of their products and I immediately jumped at the chance! Having hundreds of eye shadow palettes to choose from I was definitely spoiled for choice but eventually decided on the Boudoir Eyes Eyeshadow Makeup Palette*. I'd been wanting to try out the Too Faced palette for a while but the £29 price tag had been putting me off. Luckily this dupe palette is only £6.48, a fraction of the price. Happy days!

First off, can we talk about how cute this packaging is?! Very Instagrammable (yep I just made up a word) and it comes with a massive mirror which is perfect for on the go.
The palette comes with 9 eye shadows that make up three different looks; Day, Classic and Fashion. It's perfect for beginners (and lazy people like myself) that don't always know which colours go together as it comes with a helpful 'How-To Glamour Guide'. The guide tells you which shades go where in each of the looks they've put together. As the eye shadows are all neutral though you could easily make up your own looks too!

As you can see from the swatches above the palette is definitely neutral but has a sultry feel to it as well, making it perfect for day and night. The shadows are all highly pigmented although for some reason they didn't show up too well on my arm? It's my first time ever swatching so bear with me! I feel like they actually came up better on my fingers!
There's a really decent range of colours, including four matte shades (the three Day shades and Garter Belt)! I can't get enough of matte eye shadow and yet palettes always seem to sideline them (looking at you, Naked palettes). The matte shades are a tad chalky but I find this with all matte eye shadows, even my Naked Basics palettes.
Birthday Suit is probably my favourite shade, on days when I'm in a rush I just sweep it all over the lid and I'm ready to go. I love the little touches with this palette, like the cheeky names of the eye shadows which I think makes it really fun.

I've been reaching for this palette most days as it's super wearable and the shadows are such good quality. Honestly if you're thinking about buying a high end product, I'd definitely recommend checking out their website first. Tmart have loads of eye shadow palettes including the much hyped about Naked palettes for around £6.50 each! An absolute bargain.

Have you tried any good dupe products recently? Let me know! I'm seriously tempted to try out Tmart's version of the UD Vice palette.

*PR sample sent for review, opinion is 100% my own

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