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After being a blogger for over six months, it may comes as quite a shock to you but I'm actually a Lush virgin. Shocking, I know. Last week I finally took the plunge and bought my first ever Lush products. I have previously bought a Lip Scrub which I reviewed here but I've never purchased any of the bath products before so this was a whole new experience for me.

As I'm not a massive fan of fruity or floral scents, I didn't think I'd find anything suitable to my tastes but there's actually a surprisingly wide range of goodies to cater to everyone's noses.
Being a lover of clean, fresh smells I asked the shop assistant to point me in the right direction and she was so friendly and helpful. The staff definitely know their stuff when it comes to Lush! I told her I only wanted to spend about £10 and she didn't push me into getting anything else, she just explained how everything works and then let me pick once she'd suggested a few things. I was seriously impressed by the service and can't wait to give these a go as I'm sure they'll live up to their expectations.

Clockwise, starting from the left I picked up:
Karma Bubble Bar - £3.25
Honey Bee Bath Bomb - £3.35
Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar - £2.95
Butterball Bath Bomb - £2.65

I'd always been hesitant to try Lush products as I thought they were rather overpriced for what they were but the woman I spoke to reassured me and said that it's super easy to cut the bath bombs in half and the bubble bars you just crumble in however much you want so I'm hoping these will last me a good while. They're also full of essential oils and natural moisturising ingredients such as Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera Gel so definitely provide more than just a colourful bath.

I'm so excited to finally start using them now that they're photographed! What Lush products do you recommend? Would you like to see a review of these once I've used them? 
Let me know your thoughts! 


  1. I do believe Lush is quite pricey- hence I still have tons of bath bombs and bubble bars left to use but I do think they look and smell amazing and hence brilliant for photography reasons hehe.


    1. Yes that's true! I don't have baths that often though so hoping they'll last a while. They are very photogenic!

  2. Welcome to the Lush side! You picked some really great items and I look forward to hearing your thoughts after using them. Just a side note; from this point onwards your love for Lush will grow and before you know it you'll be trying everything out!
    Lush can be pricey at times but when you look at the fact that they're cruelty and testing free, and use loads of natural ingredients it's actually worth it (in my opinion at least).



    1. I know, I can see my bank balance is going to take a beating haha. Yeah I think they're worth it, I've used one of the products since writing this and it made my skin silky smooth! xo