15 Things in 2015

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I've seen a few of these types of posts going round in the past week and thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and share my resolutions for 2015. I've tried to keep most of them fairly realistic in the hope that I'm more likely to succeed in doing them! 2014 was a tough year for me but I'm feeling pretty positive about 2015 . Hopefully it'll be the year I start to get my life sorted out.

So here goes, 15 goals I'd like to achieve in 2015:

1. New job - I really want to find a job I can have a career in and that I actually enjoy. And also one where I earn enough to cover my rent, bills and food!
2. Get a puppy - Although I have Percy, I no longer live with him and my sister so I'd love to get a dog to call my own. If I don't have one in a years time, I'd at least like to be in the position to own one (basically not living in a second floor flat anymore).
3. Even eyebrows - Fingers crossed 2015 is the year I say goodbye to these wonky things.
4. Growing my blog - I would love to see my blog grow and reach more people this year and I definitely want to try writing more regularly.
5. See my friends more - Only seeing your best friends once every few months sucks and I'm hoping with a new job I might be able to afford to see them more. I'm actually going to Newcastle at the end of January to see two of my besties so I'm super excited for that.
6. Nose job - This one isn't exactly realistic but if I win the lottery it would be one of the first things I did. Hopefully I can continue to save up for one though and finally get my nose set straight after ten years of being Little Miss Wonky!
7. Say 'yes' more - This may be a little cliche but with my anxiety, I often find myself making up excuses to not do things but this year I really want to seize more opportunities and say yes to more things.
8. Get fit - My diet is probably 90% sugar and carbs so I really want to try and eat healthier this year. When I make an effort to eat healthy it makes such a big difference to my energy levels and I'm just generally in a better mood. It's just expensive and a lot of effort!! But I will try harder this year and I also want to keep exercising regularly.
9. Volunteer - If you know me at all, you'll know how much I adore dogs so this year I'd really like to volunteer at a rescue centre/dogs home as it's something I'm really passionate about. The only problem is I don't have a car so getting there might be quite hard but hopefully if I get a new job I'll be able to afford a car.
10. Start counselling - I've had counselling years ago and didn't find it helpful but my doctor says I'm much more in the right frame of mind for it now so I'm hoping I'll see some good results from it. I just need to actually book an appointment to get the ball rolling.
11. Come off medication - This ties in with the one above as I absolutely hate being on medication for my anxiety and depression so hopefully if I find counselling helpful I'll be able to come off it!
12. Make the most of my holiday - This year I'm being spoilt rotten by my sister who is taking me to Florida for my birthday. We went two years ago and we were so down about not seeing our dog that we didn't enjoy it to the maximum. Although this year I'll be missing my dog and my boyfriend, I hope I make the most of it and don't mope as much.
13. See my boyfriend more - As my boyfriend and I don't have a day off together, it can be quite hard to find the time to see each other. Again, if I get a job with more sociable hours I'll have Sundays off with him which would be amazing. Seeing him in the daylight would be such a treat! Plus, if we move in together I'll be able to wake up to his little face almost every morning.
14. Make a house a home - If we do move in together it would be really nice to finally live somewhere for more than a year as I could actually make it a home. I just don't see the point in making the effort at the minute when I'm not going to be there for long but if I found somewhere more permanent, I would love to decorate it and make it a real home.
15. Enjoy 2015 - This one may be cheesy but I would like to simply enjoy this year. After writing this post I've realised a lot of these things rely on me getting a new job so that's definitely my top priority. I'd like to be less stressed, happier and healthier in 2015. Fingers crossed, eh?

Oh and obviously no divorces either...

What about you guys? What are your goals for this year? 
Wishing you all a fabulous 2015!


  1. Love these, and had a little giggle at the friends reference! Power through and you'll do anything sistaaaaa! x x x

  2. Love the little Friends reference at the end. I hope you manage to achieve your goals x

    Lizzie Rose Blogger

  3. Hi there! I've nominated you for The Liebster Award, it's a great way for people to discover new blogs, hopefully you'll join in.

    Rachel x


    1. Thanks, I've already been nominated a few times but I'm sure I can do another one!