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Do you ever wonder how much is too much? Whilst looking round my room for blog inspiration, I realised I have an abundance of certain items, one of which being phone cases and I started to question why I have so many.
I'm pretty sure almost all of these were bought late at night when I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and needed a little pick me up. They're just such an easy impulse buy and considering the majority of these were bought on ebay for under £10, you never have to feel guilty the next morning for breaking the bank!
I like to use my phone case as an opportunity to express myself and as you can probably tell, I'm a massive Disney fan. I also have a couple of pug themed cases and an Audrey Hepburn one. Although some of these were bought over a year ago, I've linked below the ones that are still listed.

Beauty and the Beast - £5.99
Aztec Pug - £4.95 
'The Pug Life' - £4.95
Aladdin Scene - £5.99
Ariel - Clear Background £4.99
Pocahontas (SIMILAR) £5.99

As my current phone is on the verge of breaking, I'm banning myself from buying any more until I get a new phone but as soon as I do, I'll be using it as an excuse to buy some new phone cases. Old habits die hard! Do you guys have any unusual collections? Or are you obsessed with buying phone cases like me?


  1. wonderful collection of phone cases!
    my fav is the one with Yasmin and Alladdin

    1. Thank you! I love that one too xo