Beauty | The Ultimate Lip Combination

As a lover of lipsticks, especially those with a matte finish, I find I can't wear them as often as I'd like because my lips aren't in a good enough condition. Realising that my Chapstick probably wasn't cutting it at keeping my lips hydrated, I set off on a mission to find a lip product that would.

The first product I picked up is well loved in the blogging community but as I rarely go into Lush (unpopular opinion, I know) I only recently purchased this. After hearing such rave reviews about the Lip Scrubs, I decided to brave the sickly sweet scents and get one anyway as I was getting rather desperate. As luck would have it, I actually came across the Mint Julips scent/flavour whilst I was browsing the store and this is much more up my street. It's a very fresh flavour with peppermint oil that leaves your lips tingling and there's also a subtle hint of vanilla in there too.
The actual product itself is amazing. You simply take a scoop on your finger and buff it into your lips to get rid of all the rough patches of dead skin. It leaves your lips smooth and ready for some lipstick wearing. The product has honestly been a life saver, especially when I was on holiday and wanted to wear a different lipstick every day.
I was pleasantly surprised with the price as it was only £5.50 and I can already tell this pot will last me ages. I'd definitely recommend picking this up as it's a must have for these cold winter months ahead.

As amazing as the lip scrub is, I feel like it leaves my lips a little bit tender after I've used it and that's why I purchased this next product. I actually got this on a bit of a whim which is rather crazy of me as I normally research products thoroughly before buying them. Such a rebel, I know. I had a gift card for The Body Shop though which I got in this month's Glamour magazine worth £3 so I was looking for something to buy when this Vitamin E Lip Care caught my eye. As I was on the hunt for a hydrating lip balm I thought I'd try this one out as it was only £1.50 with my gift card and I'm so glad I did. Sometimes, risking trying a completely unheard of product can pay off! It leaves my lips feeling supple and smooth and it's now part of my daily routine.

Together, these two products have brought my lips back to life and made it possible for me to wear lipstick every day. Yay for the small victories in life! These products are essential for my winter skincare routine and I'm so glad to finally have chapped lips be a thing of the past. Next problem to solve: stop my make up from looking cakey or maybe even world peace. Who knows?!

Do you guys have a holy grail lip product to rival these? Feel free to let me know!


  1. Definitely going to pop into The Body Shop and pick up the lip balm - my lips get soo dry so I can imagine it being really good for that!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

    1. It's amazing! Not the best tasting/smelling but it definitely does the job xo