Beauty | The Ultimate Lip Combination

As a lover of lipsticks, especially those with a matte finish, I find I can't wear them as often as I'd like because my lips aren't in a good enough condition. Realising that my Chapstick probably wasn't cutting it at keeping my lips hydrated, I set off on a mission to find a lip product that would.

The first product I picked up is well loved in the blogging community but as I rarely go into Lush (unpopular opinion, I know) I only recently purchased this. After hearing such rave reviews about the Lip Scrubs, I decided to brave the sickly sweet scents and get one anyway as I was getting rather desperate. As luck would have it, I actually came across the Mint Julips scent/flavour whilst I was browsing the store and this is much more up my street. It's a very fresh flavour with peppermint oil that leaves your lips tingling and there's also a subtle hint of vanilla in there too.
The actual product itself is amazing. You simply take a scoop on your finger and buff it into your lips to get rid of all the rough patches of dead skin. It leaves your lips smooth and ready for some lipstick wearing. The product has honestly been a life saver, especially when I was on holiday and wanted to wear a different lipstick every day.
I was pleasantly surprised with the price as it was only £5.50 and I can already tell this pot will last me ages. I'd definitely recommend picking this up as it's a must have for these cold winter months ahead.

As amazing as the lip scrub is, I feel like it leaves my lips a little bit tender after I've used it and that's why I purchased this next product. I actually got this on a bit of a whim which is rather crazy of me as I normally research products thoroughly before buying them. Such a rebel, I know. I had a gift card for The Body Shop though which I got in this month's Glamour magazine worth £3 so I was looking for something to buy when this Vitamin E Lip Care caught my eye. As I was on the hunt for a hydrating lip balm I thought I'd try this one out as it was only £1.50 with my gift card and I'm so glad I did. Sometimes, risking trying a completely unheard of product can pay off! It leaves my lips feeling supple and smooth and it's now part of my daily routine.

Together, these two products have brought my lips back to life and made it possible for me to wear lipstick every day. Yay for the small victories in life! These products are essential for my winter skincare routine and I'm so glad to finally have chapped lips be a thing of the past. Next problem to solve: stop my make up from looking cakey or maybe even world peace. Who knows?!

Do you guys have a holy grail lip product to rival these? Feel free to let me know!


Collections | Phone Cases

Do you ever wonder how much is too much? Whilst looking round my room for blog inspiration, I realised I have an abundance of certain items, one of which being phone cases and I started to question why I have so many.
I'm pretty sure almost all of these were bought late at night when I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and needed a little pick me up. They're just such an easy impulse buy and considering the majority of these were bought on ebay for under £10, you never have to feel guilty the next morning for breaking the bank!
I like to use my phone case as an opportunity to express myself and as you can probably tell, I'm a massive Disney fan. I also have a couple of pug themed cases and an Audrey Hepburn one. Although some of these were bought over a year ago, I've linked below the ones that are still listed.

Beauty and the Beast - £5.99
Aztec Pug - £4.95 
'The Pug Life' - £4.95
Aladdin Scene - £5.99
Ariel - Clear Background £4.99
Pocahontas (SIMILAR) £5.99

As my current phone is on the verge of breaking, I'm banning myself from buying any more until I get a new phone but as soon as I do, I'll be using it as an excuse to buy some new phone cases. Old habits die hard! Do you guys have any unusual collections? Or are you obsessed with buying phone cases like me?


Day Out | Sea Life Centre

This post has been a long time coming, it was about two months ago that I actually went to the Sea Life Centre in Manchester and for some reason the prospect of writing this post (and editing the 200 pictures) seemed rather daunting but alas, I have finally got round to posting it. *Pats self on back*

My flatmate, Kassi and I had been wanting to go to Sea Life Manchester for quite some time and having been to the London one last year (with free entry), I wasn't sure how it would compare but I was pleasantly surprised.
There were a range of creatures from Octopuses to Turtles and even Sharks as well as a vast variety of fish to view. We were spoilt for choice!

Something I didn't give a thought to before I went was how difficult it was going to be to photograph in the venue. Without the use of flash photography, factoring in the low lighting and the fact fish are constantly on the move, it wasn't exactly a recipe for success. With a bit of editing though, I managed to find a few blog worthy ones.
In the photo below, you can just about make out the octopus (next to the plant in the middle) and when I went to look at him he actually lifted up one of his tentacles as if to wave hello to me. I'm sure he does that with everyone but it sure made me feel special...

By far, my favourite sections were the jellyfish and the terrapins. The jellyfish were in a really cool tank which you could change the colour of to make them appear multi coloured . Although this is probably more aimed at kids, I went to town and switched it to every single colour possible. Sorry not sorry.
The terrapins were so cute and a lot easier to photograph thanks to their slow pace. They also had lots of interactive games, including a talking turtle and hatching your own turtle egg. It's definitely a great place to take kids but just as much fun for adults. There's also a lot of informative signs dotted around giving tips on how you can help the environment and how Sea Life help to breed endangered species. It's really nice to see the centre has an actual purpose as well as being amazing to look around.

There was such a lovely atmosphere throughout and the staff were all really friendly. We took our time walking through as it felt so tranquil and not something to race around, I apologise for how picture heavy this post is but I just wanted to include a little of everything. It was a great day out and I'd definitely recommend taking a trip there yourself if you're nearby.
Have you guys been anywhere exciting recently? Or not so recently in my case? Let me know!
If you'd like to see this day out from a different perspective, head over to Kassi's blog post here. The photo below is actually one she took on the day out of yours truly, a little sneak peek for you guys.


Harry Potter | The Tag + WB Tour Photos

Hey guys!
Long time, no post...
Sorry I've neglected my blog but life kind of got in the way these past few weeks so I hope you can forgive me. As it's been Halloween recently I thought a nice post to come back to would be the Harry Potter Tag with a few photos thrown in as well, so let's get started!

1. Which is your favourite book?
Without a shadow of a doubt, I would have to pick The Deathly Hallows. It was definitely the book I cried the most tears over and I just loved how everything tied together so perfectly. The Prince's Tale is probably my favourite chapter of the whole series and Dobby and Hedwig's deaths were both so beautifully written.

2. Which is your favourite film?
Like the majority of the book lovers out there, the films did not live up to my expectations but when do film adaptations ever do that?! My favourite film would have to be The Philosopher's Stone as I think it's the one that sticks to the original plot the most and let's face it, the acting in it is hilarious.

3. Which is your least favourite book?
Although I love all the books, if I had to pick a least favourite I'd have to go with The Goblet of Fire. As interesting as the Triwizard Tournament is, I prefer the other books as they have more relevance to the overall story line and Ron is even more annoying that usual.

4. Which parts of the books/movies made you cry ?
I cry at almost anything so basically all the deaths but in particular Dobby's death, The Prince's Tale and of course when Neville gets his house points in the first book. So emotional.

5. If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?
It'd be pretty cool to say I'd dated The Chosen One but I've always had a soft spot for Lee Jordan. I love a guy who can make me laugh.

6. Who is your favourite character?
I'm going to have to cheat on this one and give two answers. The first is Hermione Granger as she is perfect in my eyes. The fact she sacrifices ever seeing her family again for Harry really sums her up as a character. She's always there for Harry (unlike certain other people) and is so amazingly intelligent. The only thing that I dislike about her character is that she ends up with Ron instead of Krum.
My other favourite character is Severus Snape as he has such an interesting story arc and he kept me guessing all the way through. I also love his sarcastic humour, how sassy he is and what an exceptionally talented wizard he is.

7. What would your Patronus be?
Well the obvious answer for this would be a cat as it's my name but since having Percy in my life, I'd definitely have to say it's changed to a Pug.

8. If you could have the Resurrection Stone, Invisibility Cloak or the Elder Wand which one would you choose?
As I'm a muggle the Elder Wand would be of no use to me and I don't really see the appeal of the Resurrection Stone as I think once you're gone, you're gone. So by process of elimination, I'd have to go for the Invisibility Cloak. Guess it'd come in handy from time to time!

9. Which house would you be in?
Slytherin. All the best people are...

10. If you could meet any member of the cast who would it be?
I'd much rather meet JK than any of the cast members but Daniel Radcliffe seems like a cool guy to hang out with (have you seen the rap video?!) and it would be amazing to discuss all things fashion with Emma Watson.

11. Have you played any of the video games?
I don't think I ever played them myself but I spent many hours watching my sister play The Chamber of Secrets game. It was the coolest game ever.

12. If you were on the Quiddich team, which position would you play?
My lack of coordination means I'd probably never get on the team but if by some miracle I did, I'd have to be in goal I think seen as that's what I always played in Hockey. Although I think it would be slightly different!

13. Were you happy with the ending?
I thought the ending of the books was amazing, JK Rowling tied everything together perfectly and it was so well written. The actual epilogue however, I found a bit disappointing. It was so vague and left many unanswered questions.

14. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?
Considering I have a HP themed tattoo, I'd say it means a fair bit! The books were a form of escapism for me when I was younger and when everything got too much for me, I knew I could always rely on Harry and the world of Hogwarts to be there for me. JK Rowling is such an inspiration to me and I would love to one day meet her.

Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting now.