Fashion | Sheinside Haul

Up until a few months ago, I'd never even heard of Sheinside but suddenly it was popping up all over the blogging/Youtube community so I decided to have a browse of their website. After adding about 15 items into my cart, I got realistic and narrowed it down to these six items.

As soon as I saw this piece I knew I had to have it! I love anything Disney related so spotting this Marie inspired top was a dream come true. Although I definitely didn't need this, it will be perfect for my holiday to Walt Disney World next year... So really I'm just being super organised and planning really far in advance? That's my justification anyway. I love that the scalloped edge makes it a little different to your average crop top and that the bow isn't just part of the print!

This was the item that had originally caught my eye after seeing Amy Valentine's haul video which it featured in. Again, another t shirt I didn't need but I really, really wanted it... Are you seeing a theme developing here? 
I love the print because although it says 'bitches', the loopy font makes it more subtle. So much so, my parents didn't even comment on it when I wore it to visit my family home last week! This is a really flattering, slouchy fit and perfect for a jeans and t shirt day.

I didn't bother to take a separate photo of this as it is just a basic white T shirt but I've been on the hunt for this wardrobe staple for a while and for £6 I thought it was a steal. 

This is not my usual style but I thought it was so pretty and unlike anything else in my wardrobe so I decided to take a chance with it. It is a lovely material, especially for £12 but sadly, it is a little too big for me. As it is meant to sit on the waist, it looks a bit odd as it falls a bit lower on me so I've yet to wear it which is such a shame! I did measure myself whilst ordering but I was only just the size below however as it's on the waist I think it would've looked better tight than loose so I'm kicking myself that I didn't go for the Small. Hopefully, with the aid of a safety pin or two, I'll be able to wear this out soon though.

I adore anything dog related so when I saw this shirt for under a tenner, I didn't think twice. It's a super cute shirt although after washing it for the first time a few days ago it did shrink in the wash. I guess you get what you pay for sometimes! 

I've spent all summer debating whether I should splurge on the AA Sunflower Print Shorts so when I saw these for only £15 I thought they'd be a nice compromise. Again though, these are too big for me. This is completely my own fault though as after measuring myself to be a size XS, I decided to go with my gut instinct instead of the websites measurements and order a size small instead as I'm a UK size 10. But, as you all probably guessed, the website was right and I was wrong. Surprise, surprise. 

Having never ordered from Sheinside before, I was a little apprehensive but I'm glad I took the plunge because everything was surprisingly good quality (albeit very creased) and I managed to get all these six items plus delivery from Asia for only £54. I wouldn't even be able to buy two items for that price in Topshop. 

With hindsight however, I will say that you should stick to the measurements for the specific item because even though it seems odd that a size 10 is the same as a size XS, it is true! Also I wish I'd thought about how long the delivery would take because by the time these pieces arrived the summer was officially over. Guess I can wear the shorts next year in Florida as well...


  1. I've so glad you had a good experiences with Sheinside. I think their clothing is gorgeous but have always been a bit apprehensive regarding the quality and customer service haha. The sunflower shorts look so good- and only a fraction of the price of ones from American Apparel. I really like the bitches shirt too x


    1. Yeah I guess the quality is a little hit and miss but I lucked out this time. And thank you, I was so happy with the sunflower shorts haha xo