Fashion & Beauty | Autumn Haul ft. Primark and Topshop

Now that Summer is definitely behind us, I thought it was time to go shopping for some Autumn staples for my wardrobe. After a few separate shopping trips, I thought I'd show you everything collectively in one big haul!

Camel Crombie Coat £23 - Primark
Tartan/Houndstooth Reversible Scarf £6 - Primark
Pug Slippers £3 - Primark 
Aztec Print Umbrella £4 - Primark

After checking in Primark a fair few times, I finally hit jackpot and found the coat I'd been wanting in a size eight. I'd been searching for a new coat after deciding I wanted something more sophisticated than my khaki parka I've had for the past couple of years and this coat seemed perfect. It's amazing quality, especially for the price and the cut is super flattering. I'm so happy with it and I've barely taken it off since getting it.
Also in Primark, I picked up a couple of A/W essentials; Slippers and an Umbrella. As I have a pug I couldn't resist these fluffy slippers and the umbrella is definitely a must now I no longer have a hooded coat.
As the coat I got is a tad simple, I thought I'd get this fur collar to jazz it up and make it look a little more expensive. If you want to see what this looks like on, I did an OOTD post here wearing both the items. I also got this tartan scarf to wear with the coat when it gets a bit colder to give my outfit a pop of colour.
The last thing I got for clothing was a pair of jeans from Topshop. I'd been wanting some Joni jeans for a good few months but waited to make sure I could maintain my weight loss before I forked out the cash for them. I'm utterly in love with these jeans, they are super comfy and look so flattering as they're high waisted.
Whilst in Topshop, I also picked up some beauty items...

Nail Polish in 'Mini Marshmallows' and 'Little Duck' £5 - Tanya Burr

As there was a two for £12 offer on in Topshop, I took full advantage and bought three lipsticks and one lip bullet. I absolutely love the formula of the Topshop lipsticks and had been wanting to add to my collection for some time. 
On the topic of beauty, I also picked up another Pro Palette as my first one is now full. I've put in my Omega shadow although I have actually had this a while. It's the perfect shade for filling in my eyebrows and also to add a subtle definition to my crease. 
Finally, as there was an offer on Tanya Burr cosmetics, my sister kindly bought me these two nail polishes. Sadly, I'm yet to wear either of these as I haven't had the time to paint my nails so I don't know how good they are but the colours look lovely and I'm really excited to try these ASAP.

So that's everything I've picked up recently! I spent a fair bit of money but I know everything will last me all season so I'm pretty happy with it all. 
What do you think of my picks?
Are you all set for Autumn or do you need to go shopping too?


Day Out | Leeds Festival 2014

Last month, I had the pleasure of going to Leeds Festival for the day. Although it was quite a while ago, I thought I'd still whip up a little post to share my day out with you guys!

I'd been wanting to see Arctic Monkeys for a long time, so seeing that they were headlining the Sunday at Leeds Festival, it was a no brainer for me to get tickets. Having been to Leeds Festival four times before, I'm a bit of an old timer but they'd actually changed the layout since I last went in 2012 so it felt quite new and exciting.

Arriving in the early afternoon, we had a mooch around and got some food whilst flitting between the tents as the acts we really wanted to see weren't on until a bit later. Although I've been before, it was still really overwhelming to see so many people in such a small space but the atmosphere was really friendly and chilled out. I suffer from anxiety so being in crowds can be a problem for me but the beauty of Leeds is that you never feel too closed in. There's always space in the tents for you to stand without being pushed around but you still have people near you so you feel part of the crowd. The best of both worlds!

Throughout the day we saw many acts, including Cage The Elephant and Arctic Monkeys (pictured below). Arctic Monkeys were the main reason I bought the tickets and they did not disappoint. If you're debating whether to see them or not, without a doubt, go for it! 
I'd forgotten how good live music could be and I'm definitely going to make more of an effort to go see bands in the future. It was such an amazing day and I'm happy I got to share the experience with my boyfriend as it's something we'll remember forever. 

Cage The Elephant

Arctic Monkeys

It was also so much fun playing around with my outfit and make up as anything goes at festivals. I definitely maxed out on the pink glitter!

What was the highlight of your summer? 
Do you have any exciting gigs coming up?


OOTD | Didsbury Date Night

Since Autumn is now upon us, I took a trip into town to buy a few items for the new season. A few days later, I was going for a bite to eat with Sam and thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear some of my new purchases! 

Coat - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Accessorize
Earrings - Primark

I'm totally in love with my new Joni jeans, I'd been wanting some Topshop jeans for a long time but wanted to wait until I knew I could maintain my weight loss. As I've been the same size for a few months now I thought it was time to reward myself! As they're high waisted, they make any outfit look a little more put together which is the same as my new coat. An absolute bargain for £23 in Primark. I like to think my style has evolved recently to be slightly more sophisticated and this coat will be perfect for keeping me warm this Autumn and Winter. 
Saying that, my hair is definitely not sophisticated but I love it anyway. To go with my freshly dyed hair, I picked up this Matte Lip Bullet from Topshop in the shade 'Call Me Queen Bee'. It went so perfectly with my hair, I couldn't leave without it. 

What do you guys think of this look? Have you started shopping for the new season yet?

Also massive thank you to my man for taking these photos, I know it can't have been easy with me yelling about getting my shoes in the shot! 


Update | Spending Ban Overview

If you've read any of my posts from the last month or so, you'll have probably seen me mention that I've been on a spending ban since the end of July. I thought I'd do a quick post to tell you all about my experience as it's now officially over (thank God)!

So technically speaking, I did fail BUT I feel like it wasn't a complete fail as it could have been a lot worse. I originally set myself the target of not spending anything until after Leeds Festival which was August 24th. Although I did break the rules and spend money, it was all on items I wanted to wear to Leeds so I couldn't realistically wait until afterwards. 
I bought a couple of chokers from Ebay but only spent about £5 so it wasn't a huge dent in my funds and the day before Leeds, I decided I wanted a floral headpiece to wear to Leeds Festival so ventured into Topshop. I think I did quite well though as I spent under £10 and only bought sale items!

I ended up wearing the floral hairband I bought (pictured above) as I thought it had a more subtle vibe than a full on headpiece (and it went with my newly dyed hair). But other than these purchases I managed to keep to my ban so I'm still pretty proud of myself. It's the longest I've gone without buying unnecessary items in a good few years! Now on to the tips I learnt along the way:

Wish lists - One of the main reasons I love shopping is simply because I find it fun. I love finding new pieces for my wardrobe and browsing shops is one of my favourite pastimes so I found making wish lists to be a great substitute. You still get the pleasure of looking at the latest trends and new arrivals, just from the comfort of your own settee! I absolutely hate buying clothes online and only do it when I have to, for example, if it's an online only store or if the product's a lot cheaper on ebay/amazon than in stores but otherwise I much prefer being able to try clothes on beforehand. Therefore, browsing websites is just harmless fun to me however if you're a regular online shopper you may want to approach with caution!

Justification - I've had this rule for a long time (way before my spending ban kicked in) but I always found a way around it. Now that I'm allowed to spend again, I'm still going to try cut down how many useless items I buy by having to justify each purchase to myself. Except this time, I actually have to come up with a valid reason for needing it rather than just 'it's too cute to leave behind'. Some questions I like to ask myself when considering a purchase is how much wear will I get out of it? Will I wear it for more than one season? And my favourite is 'Is it worth X hours wages?' as it really puts the money you're spending into perspective. 

Wait 48 hours - I will hold my hands up and admit that I'm definitely an impulse buyer therefore I find the 48 hour rule really helpful in deciding if I actually want something. Pretty self explanatory, if you see something you like the look of, you have to wait 48 hours to think over if you actually want it before you can buy it. Something that seems like a must have item in the spur of the moment is, more often than not, completely forgotten about in a couple of days time and something you could quite easily live without. 

Make lists - If you really have to go shopping because there's something you actually need, make sure that's all you buy! A simple way I like to keep to the bare necessities is to make a list on my phone and stick to it. I found myself having to buy shampoo and a few other essentials over the past month so having a list ready made it a lot easier to get in and out of Boots without getting tempted by the make up counters. 
Now that I am allowed to spend a little though, if I see something I'd quite like to buy such as a beauty product from a blog post I've seen, I'll still write it down as a note on my phone. Then if I feel like treating myself, for pay day or just a little pick me up, I have a list ready made so I don't just end up buying another nude lipstick like always... This also comes in handy if my sisters are ever short of ideas for gifts to get me!

Don't wander aimlessly - If you have weak willpower (like myself), take yourself out of a potentially dangerous situation. Instead of going into town to wander round the shops, I've found myself taking advantage of Orange Wednesdays a lot more. This way I still get to see my best friend but I know I'm only spending under a fiver on the whole day, bus tickets included!

So those are my little pearls of wisdom I've pick up along the way, I hope they help some of you to cut back on your spending. What are you guys trying to save up for at the minute? And what's your biggest weakness when it comes to shopping? Mine is definitely rings! They're such a small item they don't really count though, right?!


Fashion | Sheinside Haul

Up until a few months ago, I'd never even heard of Sheinside but suddenly it was popping up all over the blogging/Youtube community so I decided to have a browse of their website. After adding about 15 items into my cart, I got realistic and narrowed it down to these six items.

As soon as I saw this piece I knew I had to have it! I love anything Disney related so spotting this Marie inspired top was a dream come true. Although I definitely didn't need this, it will be perfect for my holiday to Walt Disney World next year... So really I'm just being super organised and planning really far in advance? That's my justification anyway. I love that the scalloped edge makes it a little different to your average crop top and that the bow isn't just part of the print!

This was the item that had originally caught my eye after seeing Amy Valentine's haul video which it featured in. Again, another t shirt I didn't need but I really, really wanted it... Are you seeing a theme developing here? 
I love the print because although it says 'bitches', the loopy font makes it more subtle. So much so, my parents didn't even comment on it when I wore it to visit my family home last week! This is a really flattering, slouchy fit and perfect for a jeans and t shirt day.

I didn't bother to take a separate photo of this as it is just a basic white T shirt but I've been on the hunt for this wardrobe staple for a while and for £6 I thought it was a steal. 

This is not my usual style but I thought it was so pretty and unlike anything else in my wardrobe so I decided to take a chance with it. It is a lovely material, especially for £12 but sadly, it is a little too big for me. As it is meant to sit on the waist, it looks a bit odd as it falls a bit lower on me so I've yet to wear it which is such a shame! I did measure myself whilst ordering but I was only just the size below however as it's on the waist I think it would've looked better tight than loose so I'm kicking myself that I didn't go for the Small. Hopefully, with the aid of a safety pin or two, I'll be able to wear this out soon though.

I adore anything dog related so when I saw this shirt for under a tenner, I didn't think twice. It's a super cute shirt although after washing it for the first time a few days ago it did shrink in the wash. I guess you get what you pay for sometimes! 

I've spent all summer debating whether I should splurge on the AA Sunflower Print Shorts so when I saw these for only £15 I thought they'd be a nice compromise. Again though, these are too big for me. This is completely my own fault though as after measuring myself to be a size XS, I decided to go with my gut instinct instead of the websites measurements and order a size small instead as I'm a UK size 10. But, as you all probably guessed, the website was right and I was wrong. Surprise, surprise. 

Having never ordered from Sheinside before, I was a little apprehensive but I'm glad I took the plunge because everything was surprisingly good quality (albeit very creased) and I managed to get all these six items plus delivery from Asia for only £54. I wouldn't even be able to buy two items for that price in Topshop. 

With hindsight however, I will say that you should stick to the measurements for the specific item because even though it seems odd that a size 10 is the same as a size XS, it is true! Also I wish I'd thought about how long the delivery would take because by the time these pieces arrived the summer was officially over. Guess I can wear the shorts next year in Florida as well...


Life | Weekend at the Hilton

Recently, I had some time off work and wanted to go on a weekend away to somewhere in Europe. However, after talking it over with my boyfriend, we decided it was too expensive and that we should just save the money.
Little did I know, my boyfriend was actually planning a surprise staycation for us in Manchester! 
We stayed at the Hilton in an executive room (soooo fancy) which was on the 21st floor so we had a view of the whole of Manchester. Although Manchester isn't the prettiest city, it does look rather picturesque all lit up at night! 
As we were only there for one night we took full advantage of the facilities on offer and once we'd dropped our bags off, we headed straight to the spa. We chilled out in the jacuzzi, swam a few lengths and tried out the sauna and steam room. I've never been a big fan of saunas and steam rooms as I can only last five minutes before feeling like I'm going to pass out but the novelty factor is always fun.

After an afternoon well spent relaxing, we headed back to the room to get ready for the evening ahead. Once we were suited and booted, we made our way up to the executive lounge where we helped ourselves to some complimentary drinks and nibbles. The only thing better than food is free food!

After the canapes, Samuel surprised me by taking me to one of my favourite restaurants, Las Iguanas. I love Mexican food so I was completely spoilt for choice when I looked at the menu but after some deliberating I went for the chimichanga. Sam, on the other hand, took about two seconds to decide on the fajitas. They also had two for one cocktails but as I'm not really a drinker, we opted for some delicious mocktails instead. Still tasted just as good! 
We then moved onto our next stop, The Lawn Club which is the most amazingly decorated little bar in Spinningfields before heading back to the Hilton to their bar Cloud 23. 

The next day we went for a wander around the Trafford Centre and stopped in the Apple store where I checked out my blog on a 27" iMac. I wish I could look at it on that screen every day! We also popped into Selfridges where Samuel treated me to a new Mac eye shadow, Mythology. I think it's safe to say, after this weekend I'm a very lucky girl! Have you guys been anywhere nice recently?