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After buying a few home decorations over the past month or so for my new flat, it's really given me decorating fever and gotten me really excited for the day when I have a whole house of my own to fill with goodies. 
Until that day comes though, I will continue to browse tumblr and daydream of my future home. Here are a few pictures I've particularly liked... 

As you can probably tell I love flowers and would ideally have them in every room in my home! Due to the cost of them though, I may have to settle for fake flowers unless I become a millionaire. 

I adore pretty, delicate lighting and would love to have a room with a chandelier as the main feature. 

Another part of having my own house I'm looking forward to is having a little space that is all my own. Whether it be a corner of the bedroom or a whole room with a dressing table/walk in wardrobe (I'm dreaming big here) I can't wait to decorate it exactly how I want! No worry of annoying the landlord with pin holes in the wall. 

I think from all the above pictures you can gather that my style is to keep things light and minimal with a few accent colours dotted around. 

I would love to have a whole wall filled with books and treasures I've picked up on my travels as I think it gives a house a lot of personality. 
When it comes to kitchens I can never decide if I'd rather have the super sleek modern vibe or the country look with a slight modern twist to it. I think I'm leaning more towards the country style as seen in the first picture in the second photoset at the moment. 
Lastly, I just had to include this globe. I absolutely love globes and maps and growing up I had a world map on my wall and a map of The States in my study, a theme I would love to continue in my own home. 

Disclaimer: As these photos are all ones I've saved from tumblr I'm not sure of the sources but none of them are my own. 

I hope you enjoyed this, I know it's not the most exciting of posts but as I'm currently bedbound I'm trying to get creative with what I can do from my phone! If you want to see more home inspiration, feel free to follow me on tumblr at alalumiere

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