Fashion || Primark Haul

I recently made a few purchases in Primark and thought I'd share them with you guys. Personally, I always find hauls from Primark useful because they don't have their own website to browse and the stores can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. This way you get to see some of their stock without the hassle of fighting your way through the shop itself, what could be better!


Playsuit - £14

I immediately picked up this playsuit when I saw it as it's one of those rare finds in Primark that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. I was instantly drawn to this item as it's mint which is very on trend this summer, as are floral patterns and the neckline is very 90's. Such a flattering shape and unexpected bonus, it has pockets!

Shirt Dress - £13 

I'd been looking for a casual summer dress for a while and this little gem ticked all the boxes. The floaty, lightweight material makes it perfect for this weather and means it's great to just chuck on when you want a fuss free outfit. Daisy print is everywhere at the minute and this is such a good way to wear it without a massive investment.

Bag - £8

If you're a regular in the blogging world, you'll be sick of the sight of this bag by now but I'm so excited to finally have it in my possession. I'd been lusting after this bag in the pink shade for a while but after taking the advice of my friends who I was shopping with, I decided to get the powder blue version instead and I'm so glad I listened to them. Since purchasing this beauty, I've been using it non-stop as it's an ideal size and goes with literally any outfit. I'm a massive fan of gold hardware and think this bag looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Such a bargain at only £8.

Bodysuit - £3

As I'm a massive Disney lover, I instantly wanted to buy this when I first saw it in my local store. However, as it was £6 originally, I decided (with my boyfriends help) it was a bit too much money to spend on something I don't actually need and only wanted for the novelty factor so left it (rather begrudgingly) behind. A few weeks later when I went in again, there it was in the sale section for half price coming in at a mere £3. Although I know I won't exactly be wearing it regularly, I can't wait to wear this on my next trip to Disney World in Florida and I think I could pull it off with some simple high waisted shorts in the time being. As you can see in the photo below, I was using my door to take photos on which just so happens to be covered in Disney posters including one of Ariel which is very similar to the body's design. A happy coincidence! 

Hope you enjoyed this haul! Once my spending ban is over I can guarantee there will be another Primark haul up straight after. Their A/W lines looks to die for! 


  1. I love the bag! The Ariel bodysuit is so adorable as well! x

    Elizabeth's Boredom

    1. I know isn't it?! I'll probably never wear it but for £3 I couldn't resist! x