Update || Life in pictures #02

Top left to bottom right - Quick OOTD, hanging out with my new flatmate, browsing homewares, a beautiful sunset, my little prince and a dog poster in Home Sweet Home.

There's been quite a gap since my last life in pictures post which is due to several factors but hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll be able to keep it up as a regular feature now. That being said, one of the main reasons I've been so busy recently is because I moved house. My flatmate and I decided to go into town to do a spot of home shopping last week although we got distracted and didn't end up leaving the flat until gone three! I managed to take a quick OOTD before we left though, I've been loving wearing my dungarees recently even though I look about 12 in them (long hair don't care).
Picture four was the view from my balcony one evening when I had friends round, it was too good not to snap. Also too good to miss was my little doggy Percy, taking a snooze on my pug bedding which he matches perfectly. Lastly, a poster from my date at Home Sweet Home which I've already blogged about here. The decorations in the cafe were so cute but I particularly took a fancy to this print of different dog breeds, I wonder why!
Top left to bottom right - Percy missing his mummy, Moz is God in 42's , night out with my girls from back home, Screenfields in the sun, flowers from my man, hiding under a chair.
My sister sent me this snapchat of my puppy looking out of the window and it definitely pulled at my heartstrings! I get to see him again next week though which isn't too long to wait.

Then on Tuesday my wonderful friends from school, Amanda and Lauren, came to visit me in Manchester which of course meant a night out for old times sake. There will be a full blog post soon about their time in Manchester so keep your eyes peeled. I also showed them around Spinningfields where we soaked up the sun in the deck chairs whilst catching up with each other. An afternoon well spent.

The next photo is of the beautiful flowers my boyfriend surprised me with when we were meant to be celebrating his first day at work, I don't think he even understands the concept of me spoiling him! And then to round it off another snapchat of Percy. I think it's a common thing with pugs that they seem to love to rest their chin on things, whether it's a chair or your head they don't seem to mind. It's always an interesting way to wake up though, with my dog resting his face on mine!
So there you have it, the highlights of my week. 
Hope you all had an interesting week too!

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