Beauty || Spring Favourites

As it is now July, I thought I would share with you a few products I've been enjoying these past few months. I know most bloggers do this sort of post on a monthly basis but I've been trying to cut back my spending when it comes to beauty products so I've decided to keep it seasonal, at least for the time being.

Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser £4.27 - Simple
I have to admit, before starting to use this product the only moisturiser I ever used was the cheapest one I could find in the supermarket. I didn't think it made any difference but this little beauty has proved me very wrong indeed. During the past couple of months, it has gotten warmer and more humid where I live which was a nightmare for my oily complexion and my make up had started disappearing after a couple of hours. After seeing this on offer I decided to give it a whirl and it definitely hasn't disappointed. It applies like a dream and sinks in straightaway meaning I can get straight onto my make up (handy for me as I'm always in a rush for work).

Lipstick in 'Snob' £15 - MAC Cosmetics
I'd never been a massive fan of pink lipsticks on me before but this little beauty has changed everything. It's a lovely pastel pink shade with a satin finish so nothing too ground breaking but it's definitely a stepping stone to wearing brighter colours. It glides on seamlessly and isn't drying on the lips so I've been wearing it a lot this Spring and will probably continue wearing it throughout the summer.

Archery Brow Tint and Pencil £10 - Soap and Glory
So recently I've been trying to make more effort with my brows as up until about a year ago I didn't do anything other than pluck them. I've tried pencils before but found them to be too harsh and unnatural so I then moved onto a MAC eye shadow however I found this to be too soft and could barely notice any difference. Finally, after seeing many rave reviews I decided to try this product out and I was not disappointed. The pencil is the right consistency so stays put all day and it doesn't have that dreaded red undertone that many pencils seem to. The pointed brush on the other end is also good if you're just wanting to quickly fill in the brows as it has just the right amount of product come out to achieve a naturally defined look. The only complaint I have with this is that the brush end dried up very fast however I suspect this is due to someone already opening this in the shop as it doesn't come in sealed packaging, other than that though I'm really happy with this pencil.

Glow Stick in 'Play Up' £10 - Topshop
This highlighter was an obvious Spring favourite for me as I've been wearing it non stop since I bought it at the start of May. This creamy highlighter comes in a twist up stick which makes it effortless to apply, you simply dab it on and then I personally like to use my fingers to blend it in to give it a more natural look. It gives a wonderful glow to my skin without looking like a disco ball and as with all Topshop products, the packaging is beautiful. The only downside to this amazing product is that I now want to try the 'Spotlight' shade in the Glow Stick and one of the Glow pots in 'Polish'. If only I had the money!

Naked 3 Palette £37 - Urban Decay
I won't say much about this palette as it's already talked about enough in the blogosphere but oh my word, this is the holy grail of eye shadow palettes. I didn't think anything could top the Naked and Naked 2 palettes but this has blown them out of the water. I got it as a Christmas present and have used it pretty much every week since then. It's quite simply make up heaven. The shades, the pigmentation, even the brush it comes with are all perfect. If you don't already own this, where have you been?!

Tortoiseshell Effect Sunglasses £13 - Next (No longer available)
Finally, I just had to include these sunglasses. I've been borrowing them from my boyfriend so much that I've ended up buying him a new pair of a similar style so I don't have to feel so mean wearing them all the time! They're such a classic, timeless style and are a really flattering shape. Excuse my no make up, unwashed scrunchie hair in the next pictures but I thought I'd show you what they look like on (and Sam's new sunnies as well).

Well that's the five products I've been enjoying this Spring. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know if you agree with me or not!


  1. Lovely favourites, i love Snob and my Naked 3 palette!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Thanks babe! They're both unreal products