Update || Life in pictures #01

So I've decided to have a fresh start and try make this blog more relatable rather than being like a diary to me. I will still be posting about my life but in more structured posts and I'm going to try include other things such as reviews and wish lists.

That being said here is my latest post. 

From top left to bottom right - Shopping in Topshop, a card from my friend, after the hairdressers and Pizza Express. 

Wednesday was a really fun girly day which started off with me getting my hair done. I went to Mufti in the Northern Quarter for the first time and it was a really good experience. I've never been very daring with my hairstyle but I was still impressed and with 25% discount I will definitely be returning. 
I also went to see The Other Woman which was hilarious. It's so refreshing to see a film with a female lead which sadly, is still a rarity in the film industry today. 
Then after the film we went to Pizza Express and I had the pollo pesto pasta. I actually wasn't too impressed with it but it was still nice to catch up with my girls. 

That night I came home to a really sweet card from my best friend, which of course had a pug on the front. It was just what I needed to cheer me up! 

Top left to bottom right - Mean Girls anniversary, pastel power, my date for the evening and my cosy looking bed. 

On Wednesday, it was ten years since the film Mean Girls came out so of course I took a selfie in my hat. Any excuse... 

Saturday night was spent having drinks with a friend of mine. I actually really liked the outfit I ended up throwing on including my brand new jeans. Paired with my pastel blazer and handbag I thought I looked quite polished and well put together which is a rarity for me! 

After drinks my friend offered to give me a lift home (he'd been sticking to soft drinks all night, don't worry) and when I got home I thought my bed looked rather cosy so snapped this last picture. The rest of the night was then spent watching Veronica Mars as I'm trying to rewatch it all before the film comes out on DVD, I have it on pre order of course. 

So those were the highlights of my week, hopefully I'll be getting my camera when I visit my sister in a few weeks and then I'll be able to put up some more posts but until then this is the most I can do really. Hope you all had a good week too!

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