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Going back to my family home in Leeds always brings up mixed feelings with me. As happy as I am to see my sister and puppy, it's only ever for a couple of nights and it breaks my heart every time I have to say goodbye to them. 

I really wish I would see them more often but with me working weekends and my sister working at the start of the week it just isn't possible. However, a few days is better than nothing so I try to cherish every moment I have with them. On that note here are a few pictures from this week. 

Not a great quality picture (blame snapchat) but here is my family home as I was approaching it. Very excited for the cuddles awaiting me.

Percy was really tired so only got excited to see me for five minutes before he decided to fall asleep on my shoulder.

Walking Percy is one of my favourite things to do when I'm back as Yorkshire is such a beautiful place to wander around. This was taken from Newlay Locks, one of the regular routes I take him on.

This is a photo of my sister and Percy which I absolutely love because you can see the love and adoration radiating from them. 

Since he was a tiny puppy Percy has always come to sit in between my legs whilst I'm having a wee, it's a tradition now and when I'm back at my house I feel strangely alone going to the toilet without him to keep me company!

One of the things I miss most since moving out is having a garden. I always get a pang of nostalgia whilst looking out of the window at the garden I grew up in. Summers spent climbing trees and looking in the pond for tadpoles were my favourite. 

I rarely go in my old bedroom at home as it's now just used for storage and I don't sleep there when I'm visiting but occasionally I like to go in to have a look around at the person I used to be. One of my favourite parts of my decor is this collection of framed pop art postcards I've built up over the years. I really wish I could have taken these when I moved out but sadly my landlord didn't want nails in the walls! 

As always my visit came to an end too soon. After a lovely catch up with my friends from school, I came home for my last few hours. Percy and I decided to spent it productively with sleepy cuddles.

My journey ended with my eldest sister giving me a lift to the train station with my middle sister and my puppy tagging along too. They came into the station with me and waved bye to me from the ticket gates. It's always rather emotional but that's just a part of life I suppose. 

Well that just about wraps up my trip. Now on to my exercise to work off some of the many treats my sister made me whilst I was back. 

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